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Make window-well egress
safe and easy for your family

We created a Window Well Escape system - the GrateLift.
We also developed the WellEscape Ladder to complement the GrateLift.

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Welcome! offers innovative safety products for your home,
starting with the GrateLift™ Window Well Escape System and the WellEscape™ Ladder System.

Don't let your basement become a possible trap for you or your children...
make it safer with products from!



NEW!! Introducing the GrateLift™
Window Well Escape System

Makes heavy metal grates easy to lift, even for small children!

• Push up from inside the well or lift from the outside, it’s just as easy
• Lift 70 lb. grate with only 5 lbs. of effort!
• Works with existing grates
• No special tools or training required
• No hinges required 
• Installs in minutes
• Fits metal or concrete window wells (GL001 & GL002)
• Integrates with WellEscape Ladder System™ (GL003)

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Introducing the WellEscape™ Ladder

• Safe, strong, economical
• 3 rungs, expandable to 5+ rungs*
• Fits metal or concrete window wells (LD036 & LD136)
• Integrates with GrateLift model GL003
• Supports up to 300 lbs.
• Connect multiple extensions for deeper wells

*Extensions sold separately
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Make Your Home Safer

The GrateLift lifter...

  • A child can raise a heavy grate
  • Only 5lbs force to raise 70lb grate
  • Easy to operate from inside window well
  • Your home is safer if everyone can exit easily in the event of a fire

The WellEscape ladder...

  • 3 rungs, expandable to 5+ rungs
  • Easy egress
  • Available for either metal or concrete window wells
  • Supports up to 300lbs
  • Meets or exceeds IRC requirements
  • Integrates with GrateLift