Make Your Home Safer

The GrateLift lifter...
  • A child can raise a heavy grate
  • Only 5lbs force to raise 70lb grate
  • Easy to operate from inside window well
  • Your home is safer if everyone can exit easily in the event of a fire
The WellEscape ladder...
  • 3 rungs, expandable to 5+ rungs
  • Easy egress
  • Available for either metal or concrete window wells
  • Supports up to 300lbs
  • Meets or exceeds IRC requirements
  • Integrates with GrateLift

GrateLift™ Video

Make Home Safer with a GrateLift offers innovative safety products for your home, starting with the GrateLift Window Well Escape System and the WellEscape Ladder System.  These products allow fast and safe egress from basement window wells, eliminating potential safety hazards when exiting the home in the event of a fire or other disaster.

The GrateLift window-well grate lifter can be attached to metal or concrete window wells, or it can be attached directly to the WellEscape ladder.  It provides subtantial leverage that allows easy lifting or metal grates from inside the window well.

Don't let your basement become a possible trap for your children... make it safer with products from!